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The use of proven openers to meet people

When you try to meet people, at various occasions – including picking up girls, you have got to say something first.

Apart from Chuck Norris, whose pick-up line is “NOW”, mortals like me have to settle for something that is somewhat more indirect.

I remember I used to collect pick-up lines because they were fun:

-My name is Ly. Vinh Ly.
-I lost my phone number, can I have yours?
-Nice shoes, wanna f*ck?

Of course, I would never apply them, because they don’t really help for sustaining a conversation afterwards.
Most of the time, I would try to gather knowledge of the target, through observation or network.

“Hey Fred, you know that girl over there? Tell me something about her, I need to talk to her”
and you follow to her with
“Hi, I was just talking about horse-riding with Fred and he’s just told me you’re really into it as well… what a coincidence!”

Those informed openers are the ones I like best. Because, it’s customized. Because, it has required an effort from my side.

But there are some sort of proven openers, that we know would work well.

With a friend, we went on the street, and tested one of them with a set of 10 groups we opened with a proven opener. Always the same.

Guess what?
It works.
The groups say the same thing, they get involved in the conversation, and you opened the group.
In the end, it became so boring to use the same old stuff, and it was quite disturbing to see the same old trick work with nearly everyone.

We’re just all the same.

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