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The art of presentation

When it comes to what I was doing at Airbus, there is one essential skill I learnt:
Presentation skill.

- You never know how bad you are until someone points out everything that’s wrong with you on a videotape. Face it, the guy on the screen is you, and you never thought making pauses was that important.
- MESSAGES. MESSAGES. MESSAGES. What’s your message? If you don’t have any, just shut up. A message should be strong and concise.
- Structure. As they say, a good storyline makes a story worth hearing. Use the structure to help the audience assimilate the messages.
- Powerpoint is not – a prompter, -a brain dump, -a proof that you did your homework.
Look at those great presentations on, they will show you how presentations should be done.

When presentation becomes conversation. That’s the best part.
When the audience is just someone you talk to in a casual way, then everyone feel adressed personnally.
You make some jokes, and you talk about your personal experience.

That’s what everybody likes.

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