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7 sin marketing for facebook apps

It seems that making facebook applications is easier than I expected.
Following that simple tutorial from Gath Adams, my app was up and running within a few hours.
All you need is a server and some spare time. (guess what’s more valuable?)

Within minutes I was making a simple facebook quizz.
Ok, it was not a killer app, and it lacks the main facebook specificities:

If you don’t ensure you enable a new user-to-users experience, then you’ve missed the whole point.

Everything is about enabling people to interact.
What’s the point of a quizz? It’s a occasion to help the user brag about something that’s specific to him.
“See how smart I am”
“See what a fun life I have”
“See how many friends I have”

It’s the whole social world.
It’s a world where developers and marketers should team together to help people interact more.

Leverage that communication can be done with the original sins:
- Lust
- Gluttony
- Greed
- Sloth
- Wrath
- Envy
- Pride

Use those!
Those are the specific guidelines for developing facebookk applications.
By allowing a user to completely experience *choose the specific sin*, make sure the app will create *other specific sin* for other users when they will see their mini feeds.
(e.g Your friends is so cool, 1000 chicks dig him.-> creates pride for user ->envy for the others).

There you go. You’ll find more guidelines in the bible.

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