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That’s business as usual…

Sometimes, you have very intense work relationship with people…
I remember I have worked with people with whom the project result was less than conclusive.
Several times, the discussion was very tense and we thought we’d never come to an arrangement. Because it seemed that noone was willing to make an effort.
The collaboration failed… but the project lived on.

Guess what, we met again.
No hard feelings. Looking back, we admitted our stubbornness.
We agreed on what went wrong and what should have been done.
That’s always easy afterwards.

What’s the right dose of personal relationship?

-Personal relationship creates trust. Better communication. More effective collaboration.
-Getting too personal blinds the mind. Should I tell my “friend” that his idea “sucks”? I mean we’re going to Ibiza together, let’s not spoil the week-end.

British people seem to be able to get drunk with their colleagues and remain professional during work hours, as if nothing happened.

French people don’t. We don’t party with the boss.
After all, that’s the boss.

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