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Social graph applied to corporate e-mails…

While reading Stephen Baker blog promoting his book, the numerati… I stumbled across a very interesting idea.

Using social graph on corporate e-mails!

Stephen Baker talks about a subject that is very close to my heart: modeling human behavior.
Studying all the IBM workers, he can finally put them into a quantitative model of the world.
Efficiency, Knowledge, Sociability, Charisma, everything is finally rated.

You can then design the best training courses, optimize the resources, and put up a virtual assembly line, considering all people like resources and applying the latest of operational research in logistics.

One of the striking example was the social graphs.

Imagine if you drew all the interactions between people as they send e-mails, you would understand the dynamics behind the workplace.
You would see people who work alone, those who are team players, those who can NOT work alone.
Then you would see managers who don’t report enough, and studying the keywords, you would understand the fundamentals of each community.

That really killed me. We know how to do this already. We can put it in practice at a corporate level.

Finally, being spied at the work place and knowing that my e-mails are read, I will think twice about sending those, and add some viscosity in the process, therefore slowing down the process.
I will call people more than write them. (until they spy our phones with speech to text technology).

Privacy is now our biggest challenge.
Being spied should never become something natural.

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