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Time to market. Multiply by 3.


“It’s going to be ready tomorrow. It’s going to be huge. Massive.”

Your product is going to be on the market and you are going to finally make it come true. Success is finally here, at arm’s reach.

Let’s rewind…

A year ago, the tightest planning, however realistic was: 3 months top!

And a year later, with moist forehead and shaky finger, you finally push the START button. You have been marketing your product everywhere, and people politely smiled.

Time is critical. Everything should have been done yesterday. Quality comes with a price. Or it simply takes time.

For the most complex projects, industrial planners use buffers that use the magic “x 3″ factor.

Add a lot more if the staff does not have experience or no financial resource.

Innovation needs time.

Lately I have seen one of the most promising projects handled by experienced entrepreneurs.

They had the right team. They had an awful load of money, investors, connections and mad skills.

Success was a make or break in 6 months. 2 years later… still struggling…

Decide when you should quit!

And multiply by 3. You know you won’t be quitting when things are suddenly taking off. (or so you would like to think).

Decide how much you need.

And multiply by 3. Hell, if you want to make a millionaire’s business you’ll be putting a lot of time or money. If being a millionaire was that easy, I’d be one, and my advices would be more credible.

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