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Big bang theory and futurama. Geeeeee(k)

I like to see myself as a geek.
After all I imagined an algorithm, and I am about to sell it to the world. (Wheeeeeee) (Thank you french labs for your help).

Then I like to tell stupid geeky jokes.


How can you tell that someone is a computer nerd?
He tells you that 1kg is not 1000g.

A constant function and exp(x) are in the streets.
There’s a signpost indicating that a derivate function is around.
The constant function says “Sorry mate, gotta leave”.
Exp(x) smiles, knowing no fear of the derivate function.
Exp(x) encounters an unknown function.
“Hi! I’m exp(x)”
The unknow function answers:
“Hi! I’m d/dy()”


Come on guys, laugh, I’m feeling lonely here.
Anyway, just wanted to tell you that Big Bang theory is back, and that it’s as good as ever. Nope the blonde is no longer with that weird guys. And quantum loops and strings are still to be decided.

As well, here’s an article in wired that blew my mind.
Who would think someone would try to calculate Fermat’s near misses to fool out viewers. I don’t know, but I did not know there was so much brain behind that show.

I guess 42 is not the answer to everything.
I guess watching dumb shows is a good hobby, and there’s nothing to do but smile, when you realize you’ve killed some precious time.

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