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Ok, here’s my crunch of Marketing millionaire so far…

My quest to being a marketing millionaire
Telling what the paths to millionaire are, and why I’ve chosen this one.

How to pretend you are busy at work
Title says all.

The MacDuck inpiration
Learn about my role model. Oncle Picsou or Scrooge McDuck.

How to crash into parties
I give some tricks in this post on how to look cool in parties where you know nobody.
Had some good feedbacks on the this one.

How to survive in Koh-Lanta
I just like this one because it is very cynical. I just explain a few tricks on how to get rid of other Koh Lanta contestants.

Why audit and consulting firms use a ponzi scheme
Get the new young guys do the job for you.

Online loneliness
Ex girlfriends on facebook, keep or get rid.
Facebook is a subject I like to talk about. It’s mostly because I discovered social networking with facebook.

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Just be lazy.

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