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The blog experiment

Yeah, it’s not the best and it’s mine.
Somehow I hope I don’t get to hate what I created. Like God.

I am currently thinking about moving to Wordpress. I hate those stupid apps that keep us captive because of their so-called unability to help us move to another provider.
I can not move from hotmail.
I can not move from blogger.
I can not move from Orange.
I can not move from my life.

Somehow those applications do have the stickiness in this way! Once you go there, you can’t go back.
But a trapped customer is only a customer who’s trying to find a way out. Once it’s provided… You can say Goodbye my lover, Goodbye my friend… etc.

I think “Come try us, you can leave whenever you want and if that was to happen, we’d do our best to help you do that” is a fair marketing argument.
It’s a bit like dating.
You do not want to get engaged at first, but getting the opportunity to leave easily gives more incentives to try, and therefore maybe adopt the dedicated service. In the process, you’ll tell your friends what you think about it, so that they can give it a try if they want, then they can switch whenever they need.

I wish jobs and girlfriends were like that as well.
Commitment is the new currency.

Vinh LY,
Quality in everything I do.

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