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UK TV promotes entrepreneurship

During my stay in London, I pretty much enjoyed UK Television.
Everything was really appealing to me. I could watch Family Guy, Simpsons, and I discovered some very interesting shows.

Dragon’s Den is clearly one of my favourites. One guy comes in and faces 4 venture capitalists (potential investors), aka The Dragons. The candidate faces excruciating agony while trying to pitch his great idea, while the Dragons destroy his business model, hammering every flaw in their presentations.

Figures not stacking up to the said amount (no notes allowed for contestants), lack of understanding of the market, clenching motivation and mind-numbing stress, the candidates crack like eggs at the end of the show, selling half their company instead of the 10% they were thinking of, for the amount of cash they came for.

I must have become evil, but I do understand the Dragons. They are very frank. And sometimes they say that you should stop wasting your life with your stupid project and try to think about your children, before you gamble their lives on your dream of selling your sunglasses for blind people.
They explain why they will not invest and they make sense. There’s no use investing in something that is not aimed at making money. It won’t make you happy.

Find more reactive videos at

By the way, notice the tags that can be used directly on video. That’s a huge potential for interactive targeted marketing. Thats coull.

Targeted marketing…
I just dream that one day, to have all my tastes incorporated in a single set of data and have a robot shop for me. And I could also use that to create a perfect dating website. Once again, that paragraph had nothing to do with the rest of the post.

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  1. patrick's Gravatar patrick
    December 19, 2007 - 9:11 pm | Permalink

    very interesting and amusing … Patrick

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