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Crap cannon, the brown note is a tasteless joke

Once again,

Take something scary,
Take something disgusting,
Take something tasteless,

Mix everything again, and you’ve got something sticky. (no bad joke implied)

Strong rumors about an infrasonic note could get someone to release his bowels against his will. It could even be used to control a crowd.

Imagine such a humiliating procedure to control a crowd, imagine how you would feel in that situation.

I can’t help but show, once again, my South Park culture. Poetry amateurs, that was nice seeing you stop by.

But you should not be worried about that. Experiments proved it wrong, with famous TV show mythbusters.
Worst wase scenario, slight chest discomfort.

But the virality of such a phenomenon is once again motivated on FEAR (like cell phones making popcorn), but more than that: on something vulgar.

Vulgarity touches something taboo in our brain… You can not talk about excrements. Your mother told you not to. But when you were a kid, those were a part of you, and you were proud of it.

Now you have all those mixed feelings for it, and the only way out is just to laugh about it. But you have, once again a morbid curiosity.

Aim low, aim large audience. That’s our common denominator.

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2 Comments to "Crap cannon, the brown note is a tasteless joke"

  1. Lilian's Gravatar Lilian
    June 16, 2008 - 11:47 am | Permalink

    i couldn’t help picturing our dear little vinh proudly showing his nice tiny poop to mamma…

    i know my comment isn’t really related to the post but i actually had a good laugh… :-)

  2. Vinh's Gravatar Vinh
    June 16, 2008 - 1:55 pm | Permalink

    Ha ha ha…
    Wait till it happens to you :)

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