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Nanani Nanana… I want to read about YOU. In french.

That’s what Anna told me.

She said “Your blog is boring. It’s about internet stuff, and I don’t care about that. I’d like you to talk about your chicks and your life. Preferrably in french.”

It’s true that most of the traffic I get are for my french posts.
It’s true that most of the people I know say they’d rather have me write in French.
It’s true that I like internet stuff, and I am brainwashed with readwriteweb or copyblogger linguo and guidelines.

I can’t say she’s wrong. Readers are never wrong. Especially, when she cooks for ya. I know, I’m a lazy ass.

Just wanted this to be said again.
I just don’t feel like writing about things that are too personal.
-Do you really care about how I pick-up girls in bars?
-Do you really care about my hard drive failure (uh-oh- guess I told you about that.)
-Do you really care about the fact that the smell in my office is still the smell of fresh furniture?

And I don’t know… sometimes, I still fantacize about a recruiter reading those lines and making me lose all my credibility.

Anna told me… “Write about how you feel!”
Chick-talk. I feel bored, cause I don’t want to change the language of my blog every now and then. I feel stupid cuz I can’t change my CSS and don’t take the time for it.
I feel good, cuz my start-up is going well.

I feel good, cuz I’m going to the restaurant tonight. I am going to eat FlammeKueche (Alsacian Pizza), and I am thinking I should by some new toothbrush cuz the last one looks like a spider.
I sometimes buy a happy meal and a cheeseburger. I find it an interesting combo, seeing that I get a toy with that, a dessert, hamburgers, a drink, fries…

Well, looks like I can’t make it interesting enough… :(

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1 Comment to "Nanani Nanana… I want to read about YOU. In french."

  1. R's Gravatar R
    June 29, 2011 - 6:07 pm | Permalink

    Everything you write on this blog does say something about you ;)
    … and I found them interesting …

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