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The next internet millionaire

Joel Comm is making a free online reality TV. It is called the Next internet millionaire.
Basically it is a mix of Survivor (see my post about it) and the apprentice.
People want to get rich on the internet, they take crash courses and and they get eliminated until one remains and can make a Joint-venture with that guy on the picture.
The show is pretty off the mark, business-wise, and some friends of that guy come and turn their lessons into obvious marketing for their firms.
The trials are the stupidest I’ve ever seen (and I doubt they prove any business skills any time): eat worms (that’s a classic, now), play ping pong, poker, answer questions about one Joel Comm’s friend’s firm (oh la la).
And participants get to have lame gifts such as free software subscriptions if they win.
Wow. I am impressed.

But what brio! What marketing! Bravo!

The reality show is an obvious marketing machine, but it works really well, whatever you’re doing Joel. The show is somewhat entertaining, and the characters are interesting.
Just hope nobody takes it too seriously.

See ya guys.

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