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Oil is more and more expensive. So what? Evolution!

Yes. More than $90. Oil is really expensive.
Why is that?
We’re not really lacking oil. It’s just getting more and more expensive to extract.
Okay now that I’ve given the reason for that title, I can talk about something else. I admit that’s not search engine friendly, nor reader friendly… But once again, I don’t write for search engines, nor for readers… hrmmmm… Let me take that back.

The real subject of that post is Evolution. I read Dr Curry article on Evolution, and he says that our species would split into two species. Sexual selection would make handsome, tall, sexually attractive people mate together… whereas the others would have to take the leftovers.
Therefore there would be two sub-species remaining in the end. One, tall and handsome,and the other which would be gnome-like.
But mankind would depend heavily on sophisticated technology, making them like domesticated animals.

My belief is that Evolution is no more. Reproducing is for everyone. Nobody’s unfit. Everyone can mate, and pass his genes. Life is a commodity, as I explained and buying you genes survival is something you can do. And money is not even discriminatory… Poor people tend to have more children as an investment (like a retirement plan, and having their children emigrate is like a risk diversification process).
We are becoming fatter, and it is not a feature the other gender is considering attractive.
There is no selective pressure. I had laser eye surgery, and could not see anything that was at a 2 meter range. I would have been killed by a predator an era ago.

In fact, what I believe is true, is that we might become technology dependent. I can’t switch off my cell phone for a day, I need internet and a microwave to have an existence I can call as such.
We’ll all beome couch potatoes finding our partners on facebook, and I’d send a sperm sample and my partner would send some eggs to (or anything I’m making this up).
3D live webcasting is a clean substitute for life.

Let’s begin now.

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2 Comments to "Oil is more and more expensive. So what? Evolution!"

  1. sysou's Gravatar sysou
    October 26, 2007 - 9:05 pm | Permalink

    Have you chosen your side?
    Tall and Handsome? or Gnome-like?

  2. Vinh's Gravatar Vinh
    October 27, 2007 - 11:14 pm | Permalink

    Genetic algorithm have optimized all the previous generation to get … me. So from now on: only clones of me.

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