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We spend our lives in front of screens.

I wake up, I watch my e-mails.
Then I check my phone for sms, or voicemails.
At work, I just stand in front of my rectangle of internet.
I stream movies at home.

My computer could not boot 2 days ago.
I felt like I lost my eyesight.

I think we should stop using screens.
I would like a plug I could directly connect to my brain.

As I was in a swimming pool, with the blazing sun, during a barbecue, I realized.
I realized that I was just an animal.

I felt really good just sitting there in the water.
My hands floating freely.

Business planning. Market. Competition. Porter diagram. Agile programming.
Paying the bills.

Everything vanished in a wink, rubbed away by the water.
There was nothing left but my body.

What’s going to happen later? Is everything just a dream? A fart in a Jacuzzi?
Is my tie stuck in the grinder?

I don’t know. I don’t care.
Just feels like monday again. I hate monday.

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