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Online social networks are relationship happy meals

Wow. I like that title. I love myself.

Every time I make a connection or a friend on Linkedin, I feel a bit better.
I feel like I made another step towards that Big Big world and the Unknown is sort of shrinking.

I feel more human. I feel like I have friends.
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Sometimes, you look at those people with 500 friends, and you wonder why your life sucks so much. See my post on online loneliness.

And you look at all those people who had fun, show their holiday pictures, the nice people they hang out with, and the comments they have on their walls, like “Oh boy, were you wasted yesterday!”

Last week, I needed to get new connections.
I tried some bulk friending.
Not very high return.
But recommendation yielded some good results. Warm calling worked so much better better.

After infiltrating the web, it was hard to “seal” the relationships.
Real life, did that perfectly.

So as a conclusion:
- find the right people within social networks.
- approach them via recommendation
- get the relationship going with real life presence.

You are in a club.
- Your friend tells you he found the prettiest girl next to the bar.
- You go talk to her with your “I am awesome” T-shirt
- You steal her wallet and start the conversation.

This is what you would want to do to have girls literally chasing you.

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