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When brothers have to share the cake

Here to share a recipe.

That’s just a basic trick we used with my brother.
I thought it was universal, but most people seem not to use it.

Ok imagine, you’re 13 years old, and your brother is 10.

You have the last slice of pizza.

You look at your brother. He looks at you.
No one will give up.

We’re both ready to fight.

But you can’t darn eat no pizza with no teeths.

So we go to the sensible solution: share.
-A good compromise leaves everybody mad – Calvin and Hobbes

So who is going to have the biggest of the two new slices?

Going to the point.
-One of us splits the remaining slice.
-The other chooses.

We often chose that way, because it made sense to us.
We had a very fair share, and sometimes, the deal would be tricky.
-Imagine you like olives, the smallest portion will be the one with olive… (life is hard)

So that’s our (my brother and me) solution to achieve world peace.

Send us our Nobel Prize via this blog.

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