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Time should not matter that much

Time is our currency.
Consultants share their time, some people invest time in a relationship.
And some people spend some time blogging, still thinking they should be doing something else… hrmmm

Money is sometimes an exchange for time… (like in the movie Cashback, where the guy is just paid for his presence ina Tesco)

So now that we agree that time is more than money,
Are you a greedy person?

Do you feel that your time is worth so much to you, that you should only spend it on things you need ? The things you consider most important?

Wasting time. Just waste time.
Indulge yourself with some time watching the Simpsons, staring at a blank wall or watching your grass grow.

It feels like you have so much time doesn’t it?

It’s like money. The more you spend, the richer you feel.
When I had a regular salary, I never really felt rich. I just took everything for granted.
But I saw some people, with low paid jobs buying champaign in a club. Those guys were king of the world and I was just having a regular party, like all those parties that happened you don’t know when, you don’t know where, you don’t even recall what you did and who you were with.
And for those guys, it was the night they ordered champaign and soaked all the pretty girls with it.

Now I really enjoy wasting time on money on little things.
That makes life a lot easier, no?

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