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Why I choose happy meals!

Hello boys and girls,

As I see my shares diving, the real estate market following, I just wonder
Is my startup a good investment?

Seed capital… is often provided by angel investors, and VC show their lack of enthusiasm in the market.

I don’t really crave for money, but investment can mean faster expansion. People you can give orders to, markets you can invade with mass marketing.

On the other hand, you have bootstrapping. Starting from nothing and achieve profitability. Then having a cash cow spreading money and wealth on you and your friends (yeah, those friends you still bring along with you to help you keep it real).

Most of the people say better have a small piece of a big pie, than a tiny pie.
Lots of people say, keep control of your company, don’t let strangers play with your baby.

Maybe one day, I’ll be a VC (Venture Capitalist). I’ll just go see entrepreneurs begging for money, and tell them why their project sucks.

And when I’ll see someone coming with a start-up named Tadaa!, I’ll just tell him that name bears no credibility. I’ll keep talking about the startup I was into, and keep saying how hard it is to make a start-up and finally envy all those people that finally make it.

I wish I was a jedi.

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