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It’s happening! WoWoW really creates a new experience.

You know WoW? It’s short for World of Warcraft, and it’s a Blizzard game, which is a Vivendi company which is French. (Cocorico!).

Just felt I had to mention this, before going on.

So it’s basically a massive multi-role online playing game (MMORPG).
(for old people (more than 30), those kids stay in front of a screen, they act like knights and monsters and pretend to fight in front of a screen.)

Big hit. Huge success.
Being a enormous fan of South Park, I can’t resist showing you one of the references they make to the game.

Here’s what regular practice leads to. (reminds me of engineering school)

But the concept goes further.

It’s the world of world of warcraft.

I would believe this to be a hoax (because this is too cool), but look at that!
You can experience a clear Mise en abime of yourself experiencing the game.

Just take a look.

Imagine seeing yourself enjoying the game.
You would then think that you really are enjoying the game.

Then you’d wonder if you’re not the player in the game being played by someone else.
This would be the end of the world of world of warcraft as we know it.

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