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It’s 26 year, 8 months. Do you know where your life is?

I must be asking myself too many questions.
But I guess there’s nothing wrong with making a reality check and looking forward.

Let’s consider that on a theoretical point of view.


Those are the 3 pillars of life.
If one of them goes bad, then your life goes bad. (3 is always a good number for marketing).

HEALTH: I’m 26. I’m in the decaying slope, but still full of life. Hope it lasts.
LOVE : Doing my best to improve that. Replace LOVE with SEX and I’m almost good.
WEALTH : Huh. Working on creating assets.

I guess I have not really optimized those three pillars.
But hey what? I don’t care about the 3 pillars. I’m having fun.

I guess there’s one thing I am sure of. Everything IS possible.
Being a millionaire before 30 IS possible. I met some entrepreneurs who managed. 30 year old entrepreneurs, with 4 month holidays.
I have seen people so devoted on reaching their goals, they would eventually do.

But hey, there’s the rub…
There’s a price for that. Focus on one pillar, and the others will fall.
Finding balance is so boring. Boring is so cool.
Could wisdom be the ability to withstand boredom?

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