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The take-off of the Beluga…

In Toulouse, you can’t help seeing aircraft in the sky all the time.

Connoisseurs might recognize the Beluga in the sky. It is a modified A300 which has a better Max Take-off weight, and helps carry the A380 parts. Airbus had to use Boeing Supper Guppy, until they decided it sucked using Boeing’s plane.

So was born the Beluga. Only 5 in the world and you can read their serial number on their tail plane.

which comes from…

They do the same at Eurocopter, naming their helicopters like animals. Much less striking.

As I see that mythical animal slowly moving in the sky like a magical brick.
Why it flies, I know not.

But something comes to mind…


Twitter the fail whale, the big fat service that once again is not available.
But can work with the commitment of the fans. Drawn by Yiying Lu,that picture has gained tremendous traction.

I feel that flying whales, like the Beluga, hit our imagination hard.

Something that wasn’t supposed to be possible, made real by a community.

A fail whale saved by fans.
An aircraft, that is eerily flying with the commitments of engineers.

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