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Stem cells and monkey cloning

Everything is moving so fast nowadays.
I just guess one day, we’ll gain 2 years lifespan per year.
Some people think Web2.0 is the fastest moving industry. They might be right. Media convergence and virtualization are indeed changing the game big time.
But let’s talk about real things here.
Let’s talk about life and death. It’s great to have lots of virtual friends to entertain you, but what if you could live longer to continue wasting your time without guilt?

Scientists have cloned a monkey! Using the same technique as on Dolly the sheep, they are one step closer to human beings. From one adult, they can create a clone… before, they could only duplicate a monkey by splitting an embryo, creating twins. This time, with a given individual, they can make a clone of it.

Tremendous possibilities appear for medical applications, because an organ that comes from a clone is the “same” as the original, so it can not be rejected. And there is no limit in the number of clones one can have… (That’s when your imagination goes wild imagining Angelina Jolie(s) in bed with you.) And remember that if scarcity drives the price up, what is the value of one human being, if it can be reproduced exactly?

But there’s even better, this same month, a japanese team and an american one managed to turn adult cells into stem cells. Stem cells are initial cells that can change into 220 different types of cells like hair, skin, bone…

But normally you can’t use your skin to cure another part of your body. Now you could change your skin into stem cells, then have them change into bone cells. This is great news, because science can make experiments without experimenting on embryo cells that were the only available… raising ethical issues. We also had umbilical cord blood, but not enough. The little concern is the use of retrovirus in the process that leaves a genetical print. But with genetics going this fast, the next problems will be more ethical than ever. Is it normal to grow an arm? an eye? At what level of integrity is someone someone? Can athletes use stem cells? Can I eat some during breakfast?
Anyway, this is far better than cloning.

Now, things are really getting faster and faster, and time will come you will be wearing a body like a costume.

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